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  1. Have you ever wondered about the origin of the beautiful sarees which we love to adorn. The flawless beauty of the garment enchants us to the very core. Saree as an attire has been the intrinsic part of our culture. But the question still remains. How did it come into the being? How did it take its recent form? And so much more….

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  2. The fight between the urge and desire to wear a saree and the little extra weight which keeps you at a distance with this gorgeous and beautiful attire can actually WON!Yes, you heard us right! Satomi believes in and celebrates the inner beauty of a woman. Therefore, here we are to rescue you from the dire feeling of being a little healthy than most of the women. :P  

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  3. Satomi - Celeb Watch

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  4. Satomi - Love for quirky Saree Prints in the air!Read More
  5. Satomi: Your guiding star to beauty & elegance

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